Music as a Medium

Student Voices

Music is a form of communication. It is a medium in which an artist can express their emotion, and convey some type of message. I spoke with 3 Cal Poly students, who are not only passionate about music, but are also communication studies majors. They have found music to be a source of connection to others, a channel of emotion, and an enjoyable outlet.

What is it about music that gives it power over our emotions?


Sarah Riley, communication studies sophomore. 

Location: Agriculture Building #10

“I think music has power over your emotions because it’s a direct channel of how the artist is feeling when they wrote it and performed the song so theres really music that can relate to any emotion, like if I’m in an angry mood I can find a song that can match that, or a sad mood or even happy. And its just something that connects people across all sorts of borders and is universal throughout.”

What truly makes a good song?


Larissa Foggiano, communication studies sophomore.

Location: Near Cal Poly Lacrosse Field

“I think a song can be considered good if it is both relatable and timeless. People consider songs great when they find an emotional connection in the songs meaning and can relate what the artist is singing about to whatever they are currently going through in their life. This is also why great songs are timeless, someone can always sympathize with the artist no matter when the song is written because people face the same obstacles no matter the decade they are born in. Thus, a good song will always be one that is both relatable and timeless.”

How does music connect you to other people?


Lindsay Beisheim, communication studies sophomore.

Location: Mustang Village

“Music connects you to other people through shared experience. A lot of the time music touches us the most when it appeals to something that hits close to home. Music provides a complex channel of expression which not only connects an artist to their listeners but also connects their listeners to one another. It reassures us that we are not alone.”

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